Welcome to the Daughters and Sons Initiative
The Daughters and Sons Initiative is a collaboration led by people with lived experience of having a parent (or parents) with mental health struggles, such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective illness, bipolar disorder, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder.  We work in partnership with researchers, mental health and child welfare professionals, advocates, and parents with mental health struggles.  As a national group we are dedicated to improving awareness and addressing the needs of daughters and sons of all ages who have a parent with psychiatric illness.  Our central message focuses on breaking stigma against parents with mental illness and underlying assumptions that people have about being raised by a parent with mental illness.
We refer to ourselves as “Daughters and Sons” rather than “adult children” or “children” because we encompass the needs of people who have a parent with mental illness at any stage and because the words “daughter” and “son” elevate the human relationship between parents and children.

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The Daughters & Sons Hour has monthly discussions.  Click the Image below to visit the Podcast site and listen to the most recent podcasts!